Approved premises licences

How to apply for an approved premises licence, current approved premises licence applications and a directory of approved premises in Cumbria.


There are a number of venues across Cumbria that are licenced to hold ceremonies, including weddings and civil partnerships. These venues are known as approved premises and you can apply to have your venue licenced too.

    Information you will need

    Before you submit your application you will need:

    • the fee 
    • a completed application form
    • a copy of the floor plans for the premises, detailing which parts and/or rooms of the venue will be used for marriage and civil partnership ceremonies
    • a copy of the Boundary plan for the premises detailing which outside areas of the venue will be used for marriage and civil partnership ceremonies
    • a public liability document  
    • a fire risk assessment summary sheet

    The licence fee

    The fee is:

    • £1,555.50 for a 3 year licence
    • £2,385.10 for a 5 year licence

    How to apply to become an approved premises

    To start your application, please contact us.

    Registration service

    Telephone: 0300 303 2472

    You can also download the approved premises licence terms and conditions (PDF, 260 KB)

    After you have applied

    Once we receive your application, we will arrange a visit to the premises by a registrar for the local area to inspect the premises, and discuss the application to ensure the relevant criteria and conditions are met.

    Advertising your application

    After we have confirmed that the premises has met the criteria and conditions laid down, the application will be advertised on our website for a statutory notice period of 21 days. This allows residents to view the application and to make any objections. 


    Providing no objections are received your venue will be granted approved premises status, once the 21 day period has ended. 

    If any objection(s) are received to an application, the approval process will be suspended. Only once the objection(s) has been investigated and it is established as to whether or not it affects the approval of the premises, will the process continue to either grant or refuse the application.  

    How long it takes to process an application

    Please allow approximately 6 to 8 weeks for any application (without objection) to be completed.

    If you are applying to become an approved premises, you should not advertise or take bookings for any marriage and civil partnership ceremonies until the application is completed and approved premises status has been granted.