Other evidence you might need to bring

Evidence you need to bring to your appointment to prove the ending of previous marriages and civil partnerships, your venue booking, consent if either of you are under 18 years old and details of your Church of England ceremony.

Evidence of ending a previous marriage or civil partnership (if applicable)

If either one of you had been previously married or has previously had a civil partnership, please bring one of the following original documents:

  • a court sealed certified copy of your Decree Absolute or Civil Partnership Absolute. Please note that for documents in a foreign language a translation should also be provided which must be certified, signed, and dated by the translator
  • the death certificate of your previous spouse or civil partner
  • the presumed death certificate of your previous spouse or civil partner

Divorces, annulments or dissolutions granted outside of the British Isles

If a divorce, annulment or dissolution was granted outside of the British Isles then it will require consideration by the local registration service or in some instances the General Register Office to establish if the ceremony can proceed. This will incur a fee.  

After consideration, if the ceremony cannot proceed the fees for consideration of the divorce, annulment or dissolution, as well as the fees for giving notice of intent for marriage are non-refundable.

If any documents are not in English, you will need to obtain a full written translation.

Evidence of consent if either of you are under 18 years old

If either of you are under 18 years old, you will need to bring a completed consent form. To request a form of consent please contact us.

Registration service

Email: registrationservice@cumbria.gov.uk
Telephone: 0300 303 2472

Confirmation of venue booking

We highly recommend you bring details of the final venue for your ceremony. This is not a requirement for us taking notice of intent. However once you have given the notice the venue cannot be changed unless you take new notices and pay the fees again.

Across the UK there are many venues with similar names and if we have a provisional booking form to check against this will limit the likelihood of you providing the wrong venue details.

Notices of intent for The Church of England

In addition to the documents listed above please bring a letter confirming that: 

  • the church is prepared to marry you
  • the church will accept paperwork that is valid for 12 months
  • you have completed residency or are resident within the parish